Asian Adventures part 2 : Discovering Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Shopping in Malaysian Malls.

I was told that shopping in Malaysia was a whole different experience than shopping in Europe. I have to admit that i did not believe it at first but definitely needed to try it.


There are 2 types of shopping that you can consider in this case : Shopping in malls and Shopping in the local markets. I had heard that going to the mall was almost considered a cultural habit of KL’s families ;  a national sport that was practiced religiously as often as possible. Shopping in malls was in my opinion the most common thing people supposedly did the same everywhere in the modern world and i could not imagine how it could be different.

Malaysian malls are characterized by their huge size and gather a variety of international brands that are sometimes not even available in Europe. I would definitely say they have a broader variety of choices and sizes when it comes to clothing. Some of the designs i saw were very different from what we are used to see in Europe. Colors are very present in almost every shop and design , and even in European brands like Zara or H&M we could feel the local influence and taste . What is also very characteristic of Malaysian malls is that you can find luxurious brands next to mainstream ones.

I have visited 2 of the most important malls in Kuala Lumpur : Suria KLCC and Pavilion.

Both malls were located near the Petronas towers and surrounded by a beautiful landscape.Before entering Suria KLCC i had a tour around and took plenty of pictures.


I had heard that at night , a water show was held in the big fountain next to the mall and i was eager to see that.

My Shopping journey in KLCC started in the Jewellery where my eyes were directly directed to some wonderful natural Pearls. This pearls were so beautiful and quite cheap for the quality they had. If you ever go to Malaysia , i definitely advise buying some natural pearls.

Prices in general are quite affordable, not extremely cheap , but you can bargain the prices of jewellery and other accessories.

The rest of the visit was quite a discovery of the local taste and all the colors that were present around the stores.

Some of the outfits seemed very practical and original , others were pretty futuristic.

I was mostly impressed by the shoes, most of them were very colorful and glittery, holo or made of  plastic material. The more i looked , the more original designs i saw,  even flat comfortable looking shoes and sneakers looked special.

I ended up buying few articles that seemed very original but still could fit my usual clothing style and decided to head to Pavillon.

The easiest way was through a huge tunnel walkway connecting both malls.

It Was a long walk in the crowd , but definitely was worth it! Once at Pavillon , it was lunch time and i was starving.

Between our eyes , so many choices , from international to restaurants delivering fusion between western and local cuisine.

We finally decided to have a nice traditional malaysian lunch ,Nasi Lemak : Spicy coconut rice , Malaysia’s national dish , usually considered a breakfast. I really enjoyed the experience, the dish was very different from the type of food i was used to, quite sweet ,however it was delicious.

I had a Matcha flavour ice cream for dessert before starting the second mall’s exploration.

Once more the outdoor was wonderful and i could not resist taking pictures.


The mall was very similar to KLCC in terms of stores, designs and presentation , however i had a chance to assist to a fashion show and have a closer look to the local fashion.


I Also got to have a look at my favorite jeans brand : Forever 21 and  purchase 2 pairs of mom ripped jeans. Forever 21 is a pretty mainstream international clothe brand, however we do not have a store in Madrid so i was happy to find it in Malaysia.

After that we head back to KLCC and set next to the fountain to watch the water show.


There the day was truly over and overall it was a great shopping and exploring experience 🙂

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