Asian Adventures part 1 : Discovering Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; The Battu caves

Few months ago i had the opportunity to travel to Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia and discover the local culture.I had never been in Asia before and had no real expectations about what i was about to discover.

I had been told that 3 days was plenty of time to discover the city  and visit all the monuments and touristic sites nearby. I have to admit that was true, i  highly recommend not spending more than 2 or 3 days in kuala Lumpur, as there is a lot more to discover out of the capital. However do not miss it if you have the chance to travel to this beautiful country.

I Would like to start by presenting one of my favorite sites :The Battu Caves.

Battu caves is a limestone hill composed by several caves and Hindu temple caves dedicated to Lord Murugan.This caves are used as religious sites and welcome thousands of devotees and tourists every day.

During this visit, i was impressed by the multiple colors around me , the size of every stone , the immensity of the place and the perfect harmony between nature and man’s creation.

Battu.jpg MuBattu 2

Around the site, lots of small shops were selling local food and drinks, and given the hot weather i decided to try fresh coconut water before starting the exploration.

Battu caves are famous for their 272 stairs leading to the holy temple cave, i decided to follow this journey.


While Climbing the 272 stairs up to the temple cave i had to take several little breaks in order to reach the top. While i stopped i was admiring what was happening around me. It was wonderful to see how tourists and devotees seem to mix up perfectly.

Hindu families were climbing , dressed up in their traditional clothes and seemed to pray every step of the way. I was much captivated by a young couple holding a Bamboo stick supporting a baby wrapped in some type of green leaves. The baby seemed to be asleep , his head and forehead were covered with a type of flour and he had a Bindi, traditional indian red dot,  at the center of his forehead.

On my way up , i also noticed the  little monkeys living  in their element between tourists and devotees. It was surprising to see how they moved around freely and were able to approach people without fear. Why would they fear ? They must have been used to them ,some were giving them food , others were taking pictures with them and others yet  did not even seem to notice their existence.  
This monkeys are peaceful unless you get too close, for instance , my brother got bitten for touching one of the monkeys while he was eating.


The journey up was full of information, experiences and spirituality and it was really my favorite part of this exploration.

Almost at the end of the climb,  it was time to experience complete darkness in the dark cave , learning about the different animals living and surviving in there and about the cave formation.

Once i reached the top , i finally saw the temple cave , the spot every devotee wanted to reach and pray in.  Nature was once again present , stronger than ever: Vegetation on the rocks , monkeys and even some wild chickens running freely around prayers.

Temple cave.jpg

In the middle, a beautiful temple where devotees were practicing their faith.

After taking some pictures , it was time to head back down and visit the museums on the lower part.

That day was intense in terms of cultural and spiritual learning , physical efforts and adventure.

I definitely recommend to everyone eager to explore the Malay culture to visit the Battu caves.

If you enjoyed reading this article , follow me and continue reading my Asian adventures.


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